Careers At Kole Imports

Who is Kole Imports

Over the last three decades,Kole Imports has become the premiere wholesale distributor of fast-selling,unique items at discount prices.We have never strayed from our family business mentality and we continue to treat each our customers the way we would like to be treated.


Kole Imports focuses on large quanties of bulk merchandise directly from manufacturers overseas,wareshoue them,and sell to wholesalers and retailers. Our 250,000 square-foot warehouse,contains millions of pieces of merchandise,allowing us to provide a 99.7% fill rate on orders, and greate substitutes for any out-of-stock items. At any given moment we have tens of thousands of unique sellable items in stock that serve many different industries.Kole Imports showcases a 10,000 sq ft showroom, at our headquarters here in LA,for out customers to see our more than 8,000 products that we have to offer.

Why Join The Kole Imports' Team:

If there is anything that we have learned over the course of the past 30 year, is that our employees are our biggest asset and we thrive on building and investing in our team. We look for individuals that possesses a number of different qualities which all encompasses a passion for not only driving the business forward, but also driving and challenging themselves each day.


- Kole Imports has extensive training programs that allows individuals to learn on some of the most cutting edge technologies along with training with a staff that has an avg tenure of 8 years, which has proven to be a large part of our success.

- Kole Imports looks for highly motivated individuals that want to build a career and advance within a fast growing, fast pace environment.

- Kole Imports continues to evolve to stay cutting edge and what allows us to do so are individuals that have an entrepreneurial mind set. We look for folks that can think outside the box and hit challenges head on.


The growth of Kole Imports will depends solely on a team that does not waiver when hit with challenges and obstacles that are put in their path. If you feel as though you would be a good fit and add value to the Kole Imports team, we encourage you to submit your resume and review our spots that we currently have open.

Current Career Openings

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