Kole Imports specialized in helping companies and individuals sell their overstock products, excess inventories, and closeout product lines. If you or your company has an obsolete item, a list of products you are looking to clear out of your inventory, or merchandise you need to move quickly for any reason, we are here to help buy those products.

Reasons that individuals and companies decide to close out or liquidate their products:
  • A product or category has reached a decline in sales and remaining inventory must be liquidated
  • Change to a product or category's packaging
  • Cancelled orders leads to sitting inventory
  • Require space in your warehouse
  • Needing quick money for business operations

All of the situations above are regular occurrences that Kole Imports can help fix. Selling your closeout products and opportunity buy items to Kole Imports is quick and easy. You can send our closeout buyers your offers directly using our Closeout Submission Form. Please provide as much information as you can regarding the product(s) you would like to offer: quantities available, offered price, images, case pack, product details, product location, and any other pertinent information. Our closeout buyers will be in touch with you immediately to get you quick answers, get deals done fast, and get you paid quickly to make your selling process hassle free. While we are based in Carson, CA in the Los Angeles area, we buy closeouts all over the United States, so send us your offers to start selling your closeouts today!