Kole Imports is a true General Merchandise wholesaler, so we buy thousands of items across dozens of categories. Everything can be offered to us - tools, toys, housewares, pet items, electronics, home decor, kitchen products, cleaning supplies, lawn and garden, barbeque tools, automotive items, party supplies, officially licensed and branded goods, and everything in between. Primarily we are looking to purchase every day, consumer retail products that can be found in the average home. Typically the items we buy have retail packaging; however we will consider bulk packaged merchandise dependent on the type of item. Price points for products we purchase range from $1 retail all the way up to $100 retail value. You can view the types of products we carry and will consider buying directly on our website.

The only items we will not buy are consumable products like food, beverages, medicines, or supplements, or products everyday consumer products with an expiration date that have already passed (hand soap, batteries, etc...). We also do not buy mixed cases or mixed pallets of merchandise, and are only looking for first quality new merchandise, no store returns, or damaged products.

We look forward to seeing your offers! You can send your offers directly to our closeout buyers using our Closeout Submission Form.