Can you ship my order directly to Amazon for me?

Orders placed on www.koleimports.com can be shipped straight to one or multiple Amazon fulfillment centers. Our FBA Guide will walk you through the entire process and show you the correct way to submit your orders and send us instructions for shipment.

How much does it cost to use your FBA services?

Our FBA service is completely free with optional prep services that come at an additional cost. Our FBA Guide will cover any additional costs you would incur if using our prep services.

Can you prep my orders before shipping to Amazon?

Yes, all items can be prepped before we ship to Amazon. This could be new barcode placement, bundling or a variety of other options. Our prep options and pricing is covered in our FBA Guide.

How long will it take to ship my order?

If an order is shipping without any prep work then it will generally go out in 2 business days. Any orders requiring additional prep can take 3-7 business days. Transit time will depend on which warehouse(s) your order is shipping to and can take an additional 1-7 business days.

Do you offer private labeling?

Yes we offer private labeling on any of our generic, non-branded products. You have thousands of items to choose from. All options as well as pricing are covered in
our FBA Guide.

Can you prep or inspect products that I have bought from another supplier?

At this time our prep services are limited to products that are bought or sourced through us. We cannot receive merchandise from outside sources.

Can you help us get ungated in restricted categories?

We can provide you with specially prepared invoices that meet all the requirements for Amazon ungating. That being said, there are cases where Amazon still will not accept these documents even though all the information is there. In these cases it would be best to follow up with Amazon to see what else is required and we will adjust the documents as necessary. For these specially prepared invoices, we require a purchase of $500.00 or more because we have found the highest rate of success at these purchase levels.

Can you ship to international fulfillment centers?

We can ship to any location with the US or internationally. You will have to provide the required documents and we can provide you with a shipping rate if needed.

Can you source products for me?

Yes, we can leverage our relationship with our suppliers and look to customize products we already carry or source something entirely new for you. We will need as much detailed information as possible such as product size, materials, packaging etc. to get you an accurate price quote and MOQ. You can speak to your sales rep for more details on the process.

Will your prep meet Amazon requirements?

We offer suffocation warning labels and bubble wrap that will meet Amazon packaging requirements. Please add these requests to your order instructions to be sure that your products are fully Amazon compliant.