Kole Imports specializes in the wholesale distribution of fast-selling, highly profitable consumer items in a broad range of product categories. Our items include housewares, electronics, pet supplies, auto accessories, sporting goods and camping supplies, personal care items, craft and scrapbooking items, toys, apparel, home décor, health and beauty products, product displays and many other profitable items. Because retail is a constantly evolving industry that always has changing product needs, Kole Imports is constantly adding new categories, products, and high value items to our line of regularly in-stock products to keep our product mix fresh and exciting. The best and easiest way to learn about our newest products is to visit the New Arrivals page of our website, which is updated daily to show which items have just arrived to our warehouse and are ready to be shipped to you or your customers. We carry over 8,000 regularly stocked products as part of our import line.

Beyond our import line of products, we also have a constantly changing offering of closeout merchandise items. Kole Imports is one of the largest buyers of general merchandise closeout products in the United States, and this allows us to offer our customers a constant flow of not just new and exciting products, but some amazing deals on items that cannot be found anywhere for a better price! These thousands of closeout products are fantastic price deals, exciting high quality items, with new items being added every day!

Whether it’s our regularly stocked import products, or our closeout merchandise, all items supplied by Kole Imports fit easily into any retail store or ecommerce business with attractive art designs and UPC codes printed directly on the packaging. Our in-house design team is constantly creating new cutting edge packaging designs to give our items the highest value look and retail appeal for current trends.