When you have placed your order online and want to ship via Shipping Labels; i.e. as an FBA order, please follow these steps;

NOTE: If you are placing this order as an FBA order please review the FBA Guide available on our home page at: www.koleimports.com website on the FBA Services banner.

  • Make sure you are logged in as a customer and your billing information is current.
  • On the Order Summary page select Shipping Labels as the shipping method (see Figure 1)
  • If you need any other Prep Services as shown in the highlighted box in Figure 1, select the type service that applies and select the appropriate quantity from your order. Complete all prep services that apply to your needs.
  • Once you have entered all prep services select “Update Quantity” button so the prep services fees will be added to your order total.
  • Enter your Payment Method.
  • If needed please enter any questions or additional directions in the Comments box.
  • If all looks ok select “Place Your Order” to complete the order.
  • Any questions on this ship method or anything else call our customer service at 310-834-0004.

  • Figure 1: